6 September 2016

Y.W. Junardy becomes the Gold Medal Winner of the Global Business Interfaith Peace Award

Indonesia Global Compact Network

The committee of Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards announced in Rio de Janeiro that Y.W. Junardy has been selected as the Gold Medal Winner of the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award. Previously, he was nominated for two categories: “Social investment and philanthropy” and “Partnership and collective actions”.

One of the programs that he leads until now is Civil Rights Fulfillment through Citizen Cards/Marriage and Birth Certificates Program. The program is aimed to help the people from underprivileged backgrounds that oLen trapped in poverty. Poor families can neither financially afford, nor legally overcome the hurdle of obtaining a marriage and birth certificate. AdministraIve costs and a convoluted process add to the issue. There is also lack of awareness and understanding of the importance for possessing valid papers. Yet without the papers, families don’t have access to national health care, public education, legal rights, formal employment opportunities, even the micro-credit opportunity and “home for the poor”.

A breakthrough is needed in order to implement a permanent solution nation-wide. IniIated by the Ministry of Social Welfare, cross ministerial government policy was recently issued to address, simplify, and speed up the current process. This should be followed by policy and implementaIon guidance for all parIes involved in order to ensure every new birth is registered with a birth certificate automatically, and without any complicated bureaucratic procedures.

Mr. Junardy is currently acIve as President Commissioner of PT Rajawali Corpora, President of Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN), and Board Member of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

The recipients of the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards are recognized leaders on the cutting edge of business. The Awards salute concrete and innovative actions, acknowledging the impact of responsible business practices in advancing the values of interfaith understanding and peace. The winners will become part of an esteemed group of outstanding leaders whose acIons will also be recognized by investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

The Awards are a partnership initiative of the Religious Freedom & Business FoundaIon (RFBF), its Brazilian affiliate, the Associação pela Liberdade Religiosa e Negócios (ALRN), and the United NaIons Global Compact Business for Peace (B4P) platform.

Saluting Business Leaders Commitment and Innovation to Advance Interfaith Understanding & Peace

Awards were presented on 6th September 2016, the night before the opening of the Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, where award recipients had the opportunity to present their commitment to interfaith understanding and peace, while contribuIng to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Promoting peaceful and inclusive socieIes for sustainable development, providing access to jusIce for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels).

The Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards recognize business leaders – current or past CEOs – who have demonstrated leadership in championing interfaith understanding and peace in one of the following categories:

  • Core business
  • Social investment and philanthropy
  • Advocacy and public policy engagement
  • Partnership and collective action

Winners come from a variety of religious backgrounds and manage companies and enterprises in the U.S., Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda, Brazil, Lebanon and Iraq.