Water Quality Monitoring

Eagle High Plantations

PT. Eagle High Plantations Tbk. Conducted water monitoring activities in its surrounding areas periodically.

One of the activities related to environment management is monitoring the quality of river water to detect any potential pollution due to plantation and mill operations.

Water inspection through sampling for standard river water quality is conducted every six months in all working areas.

Monitoring and analyzing the water quality in East Kalimantan working area as follows:

a. Kutai Kertanegara District
– PT. Jaya Mandiri Sukses
– PT. Suryabumi Tunggal Perkasa
– PT. Manunggal Adi Jaya

This activity coordinated with accredited laboratory, PT. Mutuagung Lestari – Samarinda.

b. Kutai Timur District
– PT. Sawit Sukses Sejahtera
– PT. Prima Cipta Selaras

Water monitoring activity coordinated with accredited laboratory, UNILAB Jakarta.