Sustainability Framework

Our Impact

Rajawali Corpora businesses are engaged in unlocking value from Indonesia’s natural wealth and creating services to meet an upwardly mobile society. In doing so, we contribute to providing jobs and livelihoods, supporting local communities and commerce and adding to the knowledge base of Indonesia. Our commitment: ‘Resource Stewardship for the Future’s Generation’ is consistently applied in each of the business in which we have invested.

With an eclectic range of stakeholders, primarily in Indonesia where the majority of our investments are located, our efforts on environment management are included a selection of wider comments in respect of local community stakeholders as and where they have influence over the ‘right to operate’ in the locations concerned, recognizing that in most cases community and environment are integral to one another.

Our stakeholders are employees, neighbors in the communities around our operations, local governments, customers & suppliers as well as investors and bankers. We also examine how we manage our impact on the environment. Including energy, land use, water, and biodiversity and pollution management, with the overriding aim of adopting best practices so that we can benchmark our performance within each of our core sectors, with internationally recognized and accredited standards.